“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Summer Worship at Hope

Summer worship at Hope will begin on June 1. So, what is different about worship during the summer?

  • The time of our service remains the same—10:30 am.
  • Children, ages 3 and under, are in the nursery.
  • Children, ages 4 and above, remain in the sanctuary where special packets related to the scripture theme are available for them.
  • Choir takes a vacation.
  • Andrew Davis would like to schedule special music, either instrumental or vocal, done either by soloists or ensembles. Please speak to Andrew if you would like to do this.
  • There will also be two opportunities for those who would like to sing with a group to be part of the Summer Singers. This requires only that you come early to practice on the Sunday when the group sings.
  • There will be usher training this summer. Please look for more information about this.
  • There will also be training this summer for anyone interested in becoming a liturgist.Please contact Nancy Turner if you would like to be a liturgist.

What is the same about worship at Hope during the summer? The Holy Spirit will still be there. We need everyone to keep attending (and bringing their offerings), so that we can continue being a community of faith. Summer is vacation time, but we do not take a vacation from God.