“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Youth Ministry

Yvette Takwe
Class of 2021 YOUTH

Elder – Yvette Takwe

The Youth Ministry includes Youth Group, Confirmation Class, and Special Events.  Teens can help at Prince George’s House for Community Service credit.

Special Fall Program on Personal Finances! The Good $ense Budget Course will be 6 sessions  beginning November 14, 2021 and ending December 19. The sessions will be held from 6 – 7:30 PM.in the church and via Zoom: Zoom ID: 893 9829 6591 Passcode: 384643

You’ll discover tools and develop skills to help you control your finances so your finances don’t end up controlling you. You’ll get training in biblical financial principles as well as help and guidance to:

  • Prioritize financial goals
  • Develop a personalized spending plan
  • Identify action steps to reduce expenses
  • Reduce debt, and much more!

More than just a learning experience about budgets and finances, the course also enables you to reflect on your relationship to money and how it impacts your relationship to God. No matter what your circumstances―financial crisis or abundance―Good $ense can help you discover how to become a diligent earner, generous giver, wise saver, cautious debtor, and prudent consumer.

November 14 – Session One – The Financial Dilemma. Below are worksheets for the course that you can click to open. These worksheets are for you alone (not shared) and will help you get more out of the course. These will be printed out for those attending the course at church.

  1. Goals to achieve this year
  2. What I owe and own
  3. Gift list
  4. What I spend
  5. Money motivation quiz

Here are the Biblical Financial Principles mentioned in this session.

November 21 – Session Two – Earning, Giving, Saving

Before the meeting,

  • Review your financial goals
  • Be able to list all your earnings
  • Complete the Money Motivation quiz

Here are two handouts for the activity breakouts:  Generous Giver    Money Motivation

November 28 – Session Three:  Saving and Debt

For the meeting, have your spending plan handout and your What I owe and owe handout.  List any debts you have.

December 5 – Session 4: Spending

For the meeting, you will be given 3 handouts for discussion on spending: Food, Clothes, Gifts.

December 12 – Session 5 – Balancing the Spending Plan

We will begin reviewing the Spending Plan (see HO from Session 1). This was designed for a working adult, so we will discuss ways you can adapt it to your situation. Then, after listening to the recording, we will go on to look at two government websites that can help you explore the financial implications of future occupations and education.  https://www.bls.gov  ->Resources ->Jobseekers   and   https://www.ed.gov      ->Data

December 19 – Session 6 – Record Keeping and Commitment

In our last meeting you will see a couple of ways to keep up a record of your spending and keep to your spending plan.  Handouts:  Spending record sample 1, Spending record sample 2, Receipts, Spending record blank