“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Property Planning Management

Eric Mbangowah- Elder Class of 2025


Eric Mbangowah has been a long time member of Hope Presbyterian Church.  When he settled in the US with his wife and children, the family attended Hope.  Most recently, Eric was elected to be CMF’s president as Hope will grow its men’s ministry.  Meanwhile Eric is leading the church in the care and use of our property for God’s glory.

The Property Planning Management elder collaborates with the trustees to oversee the use of the building and the care of the building and grounds.

The Property Planning Management elder is not a trustee, but must work closely with the trustees on building maintenance and improvement issues, and attend trustee meetings. He/she must have a complete understanding of the action items that have been placed on the trustees’ to-do-list. If there are trustee actions that have a significant financial cost, the session must approve that expense.

Each year in early December, the PPM elder must determine which outside groups are requesting use of Hope’s facilities for the next calendar year. An application that details each request for the coming year is prepared by the group and presented to the session. The PPM elder facilitates the preparation and obtains session approval for the requested facilities usage. Included in the preparation of these requests is a recognition and acceptance by each group of the Church Facility Use Guidelines and Fee Schedule that the session has approved for use of our building. In addition to such groups, there are other events such as weddings and funerals for which there are separate policies.