“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Finance Committee

Finance – Robert (Bob) DeFazio, Elder Class of 2024

Bob is a retired NASA Flight Dynamics Engineer who over a 42 year career worked on the Apollo Moon Landing and the launching of several dozen GOES weather and scientific satellites.

Bob and his wife Karen are charter members of Hope and have seen many changes over the years. Bob is grateful that God has sustained and reshaped this church so that we continue to welcome whoever wants to join Hope Presbyterian. One of his favorite things to do is supporting fellowship and sharing delicious meals.

The Hope Finance Committee is a working committee under the Session of the Hope Presbyterian Church of Mitchellville, MD.

This committee works in close association with the Pastor, the Stewardship Committee, the Personnel Committee, the Endowment Committee and the Treasurers to formulate and manage the overall financial picture of the Hope Presbyterian Church.

Among the major duties of the Finance Committee are developing the annual budget of Hope Church necessary to fund all operational requirements that support the physical plant of the church. The next major budget requirement is to fund the programs of the church including the financial packages for staffing which includes the Pastor, Administrative Assistant and Childcare Coordinator. Additional budgeted items include capital improvements and funding for the church’s Mission program.

Thus far, we have mentioned how we spend money to support a viable church ministry. Now it’s time to address how we provide the funds we need to make our ministry successful. An annual Stewardship program is devised and implemented each year, usually in the fall, to support financial needs for the next calendar year. The finance committee plays a role in the stewardship process by informing the congregation about the funds needed to support all of the church operations and ministries. Stewardship and Finance do their best to encourage the congregation to make an annual financial pledge for their plan to support the church. Getting a reasonable number of pledges is always a challenge, but we try with God’s help to be successful.

Throughout each calendar year the Finance Committee watches the congregational giving to keep the Session informed whether giving is keeping pace with the budget. The congregation is regularly informed in the Sunday bulletin as to how giving is progressing.


In Christ,

Bob DeFazio