“There is hope for your future,” declares the Lord.

Keep Connected – Hope Presbyterian Church Becomes Digital

Pastor Gloria is leading the church to digital connections. Visit this post weekly to view updates!

Send Pastor Gloria pictures of January Birthdays and other special events.

Pledge for 2021

Download pledge form here.  In 2021, our theme is from Joshua, as once again we are asked to choose this day who we are going to serve.  The pledge card is a photo software so you must download it, print it, fill it out and snail mail it back to church–do you feel rushed?  Take your time, pray, and act!

Sunday Services

STREAMING Sunday Worship Services OPTIONS: 

  1. Each Sunday at 10:25am a new pre-recorded service will be uploaded on YouTube; all you have to do is go to our Youtube channel and click on the video with the Sunday’s date. Our Youtube channel is Hope Presbyterian Church, Bowie, MD. Please remember to subscribe and like the video!
  2. ZOOM screen sharing: Each Sunday at 10:25am the hostess will begin the zoom meeting, you can greet one another, chat with each other, etc. At 10:30am the hostess will mute everyone & share her screen and you can worship God together. All you have to do is go to www.zoom.us, click on join a meeting, type in the                                     meeting id: 841 3484 1617        Make sure you turn on your audio and video on (allow your device to access your internal audio and video features)

Sunday School begins at 12:30 via ZOOM. Zoom ID is 635 074 3593

Youth Group in Person meeting Sunday, Jan 10 at 12:30pm  Wash your Hands, Watch your Distance, Wear your Mask

.In Person Church Attendance:  To attend an in person service, masks and social distancing will be required.  YOU MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND A SUNDAY SERVICE IN PERSON; ONLY 30 FOLKS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.  Streaming services will continue Sundays at 10:30 AM. 

Coming Up in the New Year

Installation of New Officers on January 10.
Launch of new food pantry with Capital Area Food Bank on Saturday, January 16. NEED VOLUNTEERS! Opportunity for youth service. Contact Pastor Gloria.
Confirmation Class will begin January 17.  Contact Pastor Gloria.
Annual Congregational Meeting via Zoom January 24

Other Worship Opportunities

Facebook Live Stream – Monday-Friday @ 9:00pm for 11 minutes of prayers.  No live stream on Christmas eve and Christmas.

Zoom Meetings will begin in the New Year:  Contact Pastor Gloria for the Zoom link.

  • Monday @ 1:00 pm Prayer Shawl Zoom
  • Collington Faith Forum @ 3 PM Wednesday We are studying The Heart of Christianity by Marcus J Borg 
  • 1st Thursday @ 9:00am Breakfast Bible Study  We are studying “The Language of God” by Francis Collins. 
  • Friday @ 7:00 pm CWF 

If you never took a new members class but are interested, please contact Pastor Gloria to set up a time so that you can officially join our church as a new member.

 Ongoing Mission Opportunities

Help By Phone is a Federally funded food pantry operated by volunteers like you.  Let your neighbors know that they can call 301-699-9009 and receive pantry items from this program.  They will be directed to one of the participating churches depending on their address. 

 Due to the pandemic, many undocumented residents of our county are unable to feed their families.  Your generous donations enabled the church to purchase food for these families.  So thank you for your generous financial contributions, donations and volunteer hours. 

Food Pantry – 

  • Tuesday: Gloria YI
  • Wednesday: Norma Chin 
  • Thursday: Joseph Adetayo 
  • Friday: Charles Ekoko

Click the phone icon to call Charles Ekoko and volunteer for the Hope Presbyterian Church Food Pantry.


Prince George’s House Men’s Homeless Shelter:  Miriam Sanders has been spearheading this mission on her own but we hope you can help.  Can you cook a side dish or main dish or desert to be served to 37 men?  You can decide how much you are able to cook.  We serve on the Fourth Tuesday of every month, if you are able to help cook a hot meal, please contact Miriam Sanders. 

New Mission Opportunity

Forming a Team of Volunteers for Food Distribution on Saturdays

  • Hope Presbyterian Church is now partnering with Capital Area Food Bank. Launch will begin January 16.
  • This partnership requires strong young muscles to lift 50 lb bags and 40 lb boxes, sort items and then distribute them.
  • We have the connections, the resources, and the clients but we need a team of committed volunteers.
  • Can you helps us once a month or twice a month or each week for 2 hours?
  • Can your family come and help us regularly for 2 hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?
  • This food bank will allow us to help ANYONE in need of help.
  • This food bank provides fresh and seasonal produce for our clients.
  • Please call Norma Chin (240-701-2620) or Miriam Sanders (240-678-7667) if you are able to help.