Welcome to Hope Presbyterian Church. Hope strives to be a welcoming church where each person is valued as a child of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, it is Hope's prayer that each person will be inspired by the Holy Spirit for a life of faith, sharing in the church's mission to spread God's love in the world.

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A Moment for Building

There’s a lot of building that goes on in the Bible.  Over the past few Sundays, you’ve heard a few stories from the Bible where God’s people gathered to build. On this Palm Sunday, we confirmed nine of our youth into full church membership, we only need to look at these young people to understand why […]

Dedicate New Hymnals

Easter Sunday morning, we are blessed to be able to dedicate new hymnals for our use in worship. The family of Douglas Francisco have made this possible in his memory. Doug sang in the choir, served as Assistant Treasurer and was an ordained elder who served God joyfully and generously in this community and beyond. We […]

This Sunday

We come to this Sunday, and begin the week that is called Holy. It is a week of completing the journey with Jesus to Jerusalem, and giving our response to the Invitation to the Cross. We begin this Sunday with a palm processional, and our service ends taking us into the preparation for the passion. […]

Recent Sermons


Dorothy Churn LaPenta Hope Presbyterian Church Mitchellville, MD February 16, 2014 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Deuteronomy 30:15-20                                                      CHOICES “Make good choices!” Let me see the hands of those who have ever said these words.  Just before “I love you,” these were probably the most uttered words in our family as we came upon […]


Dorothy Churn LaPenta Hope Presbyterian Church 2nd Sunday of Advent December 8, 2013 Isaiah 11: 1-9 Matthew 3: 1-12 HOPE FOR PEACE I want to give you a gift this morning; the gift of a quiet moment to daydream about Christmas Day. What kind of day do you want? What kind of relationships do you […]


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